• Great to share this powerful experience with my life partner and special person
• Second time attending this seminar – lots of great reminders of what we learnt before as well as a number of new tips to take away.
• Great quality material – very well thought out
• As a newly married couple we found today deeply insightful into creating a blissful relationship.
• A very good event for all couples who want to take their relationship to the next level, so that they feel loved, fulfilled and live each day with enthusiasm and passion.
• This is by far one of the most genuine, real and open relationship events I have been to!
• A great day, reminding me of the importance and uniqueness of my relationship and how to enhance it further.
• The seminar is excellent – I would recommend it to all couples.
• An excellent event! Very impressed with Avnish and Anita, their organisation, presentation and content.
• This seminar highlights how your past effects your future and present. Now that I know, I can do something about it. It is also useful to write out promises which we will be adding to and following.
• Both Avnish and Anita are an inspirational couple. They share stories which helps other to make a real difference. They do this in a fun way, using experience we can all relate to. I have to personally thank you both in contributing to the growth of my family this year.

Here are some testimonials from some of our lovely guests who attended our previous seminars:

“I thank you both for a beautiful day….excited to get back into more action after neglecting my dating activities for far too long. What came up for me most was to make actions in searching for my soul mate and partner a must and to put myself into places where I might meet her.”


“I am working on my beliefs e.g. where are these Ultimate Amazing men? So been letting go of beliefs that don’t serve me … Loved your stories very touching … That’s great you read books & found the Ultimate that’s very inspiring well done You gorgeous lady. I love the area of relationships such a fab topic and so much great practices that one can put into practice to experience the deepest profound relationships… Love it “


 “Thank you so much for today’s seminar, it really was an eye opener for me.  I was so touched by your past personal experience and how you dealt with it all. “


“Great seminar, thank you. I am so glad I came.”


 “Thank you for hosting the seminar on 11th Jan, it was very much appreciated. Both your selves and your team invested a lot of time and energy in creating a detailed and practical programme for us seeking our ultimate partner. Thank you and I hope to put all that I learnt yesterday into action.”

AR (Harrow)

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your and Avnish’s efforts today, really is appreciated. You both really helped refresh faith.”