Ultimate Relationship


Creating Your Ultimate Relationship 25th Sep 2016

This 1 day seminar is ideal for Couples - where you will be empowered to move your relationship to the next level through a series of exercises and learnings that will take your love and intimacy deeper than ever before with passion and purpose. Look at how your past is affecting the present and the future Explore ways of expressing [...]

Photos from our February Ultimate Relationship seminar

A powerful seminar which encouraged people on how to connect, communicate and be more intimate in their relationships through experiential activities.

International Yoga Day 21st June 2015

Avnish and Anita share their ideas about how to find the Ultimate Partner at Alexandra Palace.  The ideas shared include how a relationship can be enhanced through spiritual intimacy amongst other levels of intimacy.

Finding Your Ultimate Partner March 2015

In this seminar, Avnish and Anita share their simple principles on finding your Ultimate Partner though 4 steps: Believing, Preparing, Finding and Keeping.

Finding Your Ultimate Partner November 2015

Finding Your Ultimate Partner November 2015 – this was the 3rd successful seminar held this year for those preparing to find “The One”.  It was an opportunity for Singles to be empowered into taking action in finding the person of their dreams and creating a relationship that is not only sustainable but gets better over [...]

Blue Cow Summit February 2015

Finding Your Ultimate Partner January 2015